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Privacy policy

 Gathering of the personal information

SIA ALANI, the owner and manager of the system of selection of tours on the site ALANI.lv (hereinafter - ALANI) to respond to the user's application for the selection of the tour, requests the following information from the user: 

- Contact person
- e-mail address of the contact person
- phone number address of the contact person.

Using of personal information by ALANI 

The name and contact details of the contact person are used to respond to the application received and / or clarify the information on this application.

After the processing of a specific application, ALANI with the user is not contacted, except in the following cases:

- the user expressed a desire to be contacted, for example, when the price of the requested tourist service changes;

- the user accepts the offer received from ALANI and expresses the desire to place an order for the tourist service.

Periodically, ALANI releases a newsletter for users.

By completing the application, the user can choose whether to subscribe to receive such newsletters.
In case the user declares his / her desire to subscribe to receive newsletters, marking the corresponding option in the application, thereby he agrees to use the ALANI email address of the user to receive such a mailing.

The user can at any time refuse to receive the newsletter - see the section "Denial of the user from the subsequent communication with ALANI".

 Processing of personal data of users in the company takes place both manual and automated way.

To the processing of personal data in the company only employees who have passed a certain procedure are allowed, which include:

- familiarize the employee with the company's regulations (regulations, instructions, etc.), strictly regulating the procedure and procedure for working with personal data of users;

- taking from the employee a subscription on confidentiality regarding personal data of users when working with them.

Employees who have access to personal data of users receive only those personal data that they need to perform specific labor functions.

 Personal data of users are stored electronically. In electronic form, personal data of users are stored in the company's personal data information systems. When storing personal user data, organizational and technical measures are taken to ensure their safety and exclude unauthorized access to them. These include:

- appointment of an officer responsible for a particular method of storing personal data;

- restriction of physical access to storage and media;
- accounting of all information systems and electronic media, as well as archival copies.

Conditions of passenger’s personal information transfer by ALANI to third persons

Terms of transfer ALANI personal data of the passenger to third persons

Received at the receipt of the application for the selection of the tour, the personal data of the user, with the exception of the electronic address of the user, is transferred to ALANI to third persons only if the user accepts the offer received from ALANI and expresses the desire to place an order for the tourist service. The user's email address is not transmitted to third persons.

Receipt and processing of personal data of the user in the case of registration of an order for a tourist service shall be determined by the relevant Agreement on the provision of tourist services and / or the Air Transport Agreement and provision of special services.

 ALANI has the right to provide user data to government authority only after an official and legally grounded written request on their part.

 ALANI is not liable for damages resulting from inaccurate or incomplete data provided by the user when completing the application.

Changing or removing the user's personal information

User can change or delete personal information by contacting the ALANI office in writing.
ALANI sends a reply to the address specified in the request within 30 days.
Failure of the user from subsequent communication with ALANI

ALANI uses the user's personal data solely for processing the application received from it. After the processing of a specific application, ALANI is not associated with the user, except for the above cases.

The exception is the email address of the user used to send the newsletter.

In case the user refuses the newsletter, he needs to send an email with the subject 'unsubscribe' to alani [at] alani.lv

Cookies (files)

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Using cookies

Cookies help to improve and improve the experience of visitors to the home page, preserving and recognizing individual user preferences and reacting accordingly.
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Use of cookies can be refused by destroying them or changing the settings of the Internet browser, completely or partially abandoning their use.